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#4: The Dove and the Fire

Reflect on the color red.  Red is the
color of fire.  The flames in the
picture are reaching up toward
heaven. However, the artist
fashioned the flames to be the tail
feathers of a descending dove.  

We are thus to think of the Holy
Spirit.  The Holy Spirit was revealed
in the form of a dove at the baptism
of the Lord Jesus in the River
Jordan.  The dove is a gentle bird, a
symbol of peace.  On the other
hand, the Holy Spirit falls on the
twelve apostles at Pentecost in the
form of fire.  Fire burns and
consumes.  The dove and the fire
together thus represent the
supreme paradox of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is both gentleness
and innocence (like the dove), and
power and purification (like the
fire).  The Holy Spirit is the invisible
power of God, the power within us,
in our heart and conscience.  The
power of the Holy Spirit enables us
to do what God intents for us to do.  
In being the instrument of God, we
must be fully yielded to His will, like
the dove.  We must not “fight back”
and resist God’s will.  Are you
fighting against something that God’
s Spirit is urging you to do?  Stop
running, and let yourself be caught.

The fire at Pentecost was in the
form of “tongues” of fire that rested
on the disciples’ heads, and allowed
them to speak in all the known
languages of the world.  Thus, the
gospel could be understood by
people of all nations.  We are
reminded that God’s plan is for all
persons everywhere to come to a
saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  
How is God going to do this?   
Through us.  Through you.  You don’
t have to go off to a remote country
to be a missionary for Christ.  Right
here is your mission field.  Your
own home.  Your own school or
workplace.  Your own
neighborhood.  Where is your
mission field?  Ask God for insight
about this now.

In sharing the Gospel, remember
that you cannot give what you do
not have.  The disciples could
spread the fire of Jesus’ love to
others because it was so visibly at
work in their own lives: “Behold,
how they love one another.”  Fire is
contagious: one spark quickly
ignites another.  Are you aglow with
the Spirit?  Ask Jesus to make His
Holy Spirit more evident to others in
your life.
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 Rev. Dr. Martha Robson will lead worship and
serve communion; our children will present their Christmas Program during
worship; communion will be served.  Our Sanctuary Choir will sing “Waiting For
Bethlehem’s Light” with Meghan Mansur playing the flute.

ADVENT II: December 9:
The Sanctuary Choir will present their annual
“Festival of Lessons and Carols.”  Greet-Eat-Meet will take place at 12:00 noon in
the Activities Building.  Congregational Care Committee will serve gumbo for
lunch.  Committees will meet after lunch.

ADVENT III: December 16:
Worship at 10:45 a.m.  Pastor Barrett’s sermon  
from Luke 3:7-18 is titled “Compassion.”  Our Sanctuary Choir will sing “All On a
Silent Night” with Eduard Teregulov, cellist.

December 23: Worship at 10:45 a.m.  Pastor Barrett’s sermon from
Luke 1:39-56 is titled “Singing Mary’s Song.”

CHRISTMAS EVE: December 24:
Candlelight/Communion Service at 7:00  p.
m. in the Sanctuary.

SUNDAY, December 30:
Church School will not meet.  Everyone’s invited to
join us for breakfast at 9:30 a.m. in Fellowship Hall, and worship at 10:30 a.m. in
Fellowship Hall.  Please bring a small breakfast dish to share.  Drinks will be
provided.  Pastor Barrett’s sermon from Luke 2:41-52 is “Left Behind.”  The 5th
Sunday Offering will be taken that day.

►Seeker’s Class, led by Sam Haase and Mike Zobrist, will continue their study of
Thessalonians. This class meets in Fellowship Hall.
►The Walking In Faith Class will begin a study of the creation. This class, led by
Marion Forbes, Virginia Holloway and Barbara Long, meets in Naylor Hall.
►Children’s Sunday School: All children will meet in Living Water. Marcy Lyon
will teach the older children and Joanne Bradford will teach the younger children.
Extended Session for preschool through 2nd grade children will meet in Living
Water: Joanne Bradford, Julia Palmer and Tristen Clark.
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