Staff and Session
Broadmoor Presbyterian Church
Interim Pastor
Church Secretary
Administrative Assistant
Staff Assistant
Music Director and Organist
Director of Children, Youth & Family Ministries
Director of Early Childhood Center
Nursery Supervisor
Church Custodian
The Whole Congregation
Rev. Joe Reggin
Peggy Hammond
Susan Ortiz
Al Haefner
Judy McGehee
Joanne Bradford
Sherry Beard

Angelika Brown
The Staff
The Session
The Reverand Rick Pitcher, Moderator
Mr. Roger Wirth, Clerk of the Session
Ministry Area in parentheses and * denotes Ministry Area Chair
Class of 2019

Susan Chenevert (Worship)
Sam Haase (Christian Ed.)
Laura Mast (Cong. Care)
Mike Zobrist (Property)
Class of 2017

Lee Bruner* (Admin.)   
Marion  Forbes* (Christian Ed.)  
Barbara Long* (Cong. Care)  
Dave Snyder* (Buildings)  
Class of 2018

Casey Thornton (Admin.)   
Alice Hondzinski (Mission)
Harold Keegan* (Mission)  
Michael Wascom* (Worship)